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  • intro

    “An evening at Chotto-Matte will give you an experience you will want to repeat, the mix of a contemporary urban environment, spectacle and great cuisine.”

    “You can leave everything behind and feel like you are almost on holiday”

    Kurt Zdesar – Owner and Restaurateur

  • Welcome to Chotto-Matte

    “It is the cuisine I have enjoyed most and eaten constantly every day for years and years.”

    “The Nikkei cuisine is at the heart of the Chotto-Matte experience. It embraces the very best of Nikkei (Japanese – Peruvian) dishes, with bold eye-catching natural colours and mouth-watering taste sensations.”

    “We have an extensive menu, so anyone who wants to find something to eat, will find it here”

    Kurt Zdesar – Owner and Restaurateur

    In conversation with Kurt Zdesar talking about his passion for
    the origins of Chotto-Matte and Nikkei Cuisine


    Nikkei Cuisine

    “Nikkei cuisine is all about quality, ingredients and flavours. We care where food comes from and how it is produced. All our ingredients are natural, locally produced, non. GMO and with no artificial flavouring.”
    Jordan Sclare – Executive Chef.
    “We travelled the world to discover the secrets of Nikkei cuisine. We believe the dishes on our menu give you the very best affordable Nikkei anywhere.”
    Michael Paul – Head Chef
    “We only have professional staff here who understand our menu 100% and the ingredients of each dish.”
    “I highly recommend you talk to your waiter who will help you choose which dishes suit your taste, appetite and preference”

    Sam Sédécias – General Manager

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